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Online Tests - SIMPLIFIED

Conducting tests is not a hassle any more!! Create and conduct online tests in a few simple steps. Get results immediately. Know where the candidates stand. All this and more only with

Conduct tests in 3 simple steps!!!!

Enter the Test Configuration
Test configuration includes the number of questions. Here, included the marks for a right and wrong answers with the duration.Have permission to access the test. Just enter the configuration and then, you are ready to enter the questions for the test!
Enter the Questions
Now, that you have entered the test configuration, you are now ready to enter the Questions. Just enter the Question, the answer options and tick the right answer. Click on save. Now enter next question. You can also add previously entered questions to the current test.
DONE !! Now Conduct the test.
Now that you have successfully added the test, you are ready to conduct the test. Candidates can login with their 'Login ID' and take the test. The results are available immediately. Use the customised results feature to know where exactly a candidate stands.