Dexter Intelligence

Company Profile

Dexter Software Solutions We are Dexter! We provide software solutions to your specific bussiness needs. In this super competitive world, we help you win by providing solutions to suit your specific business needs. We help your business gain an edgeby using Information technology as a tool to improve your efficiency. Dexter Intelligence is a pune base leading Global IT Solution provide, in creating technology solutions for some of the world's most successful enterprises. We partner with clients to provide end-to-end technology solutions from concept and strategy development, architecture and design to the execution and launch of complex initiatives.

The company has been doing commendable work in the areas of rural development, education and agri tourism. We bring more than four years of combined experience in managing, building, and marketing technology products related to disciplines such as component-based Web/Software Development, Content Management, and Transction/ Financial Processing with its global base, Dexter Intelligence stands strategically poised to meet the urgent and imperative need for building successful digital channels we integrate emerging technologies into existing business systems to increase efficiency and cut costs.


We deliver measurable Business Value. We bring greater flexibility, faster time to market, technical expertise and lower cost benefit to the doorstep of our customers.


Integrity, Honor and Pride. We honor our Commitments. We value individuals and their rights to express disagreement.


We treat each problem as a first step towards finding a solution. When faced with a problem we focus on a solution to the problem.


We make quality a value driver in our work, our products and our interactions. We do it "First Time Right".